The numerical modeling of flows is significant for a wide range of industrial applications where fluids (water, oil, air, gas, …) are present. Besides improving the design of parts by a better understanding of the flows, this type of modeling has reached such a maturity level in terms of accuracy and speed that the return on investment is extremely interesting.

GDTech has developed a solid expertise in numerical simulation of fluid dynamics, and more generally in multi-physics simulations :

External aerodynamics


Compressors and turbines

Valves and clapets

Engines and combustion


We use several CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) codes based on the finite volume method. They feature a large number of numerical schemes to resove fluid dynamics equations and they provide various turbulence models (k-epsilon, k-omega, Spalart-Alamras, LES, DNS, …). They have also been the subject of numerous validations with experimental tests and other commercial software. We are able to use meshes containing any type of element (tetrahedron, hexahedron, prism, …) which makes the grid generation extremely flexible and allows us to handle very complex geometries where spatial discretization can reach several million points. This is made possible by a solid IT infrastructure and by the parallelization of the calculations.

Involved in the definition of your needs, our specialists will accompany you throughout your project: support for project definition, analysis, study, treatment of results, follow-up.

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